The 5 Different Types Of Motorbikes!

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So it is the time and you have decided to buy a motorbike for your work life. You’ve strolled around the dealerships counter,  took a test ride, even surfed the internet and still confused and clueless about the choices. The reason for your clueless behaviour is due to the huge and whopping amount of choices of motorbikes in the market. Now when you have tons of different options to choose, there still lies one basic criteria as to what type of motorbike to invest in? Or to what kind of bike will allow you to give the full sufficient need that you want from the bike?

For e.g. you can’t ride a sports bike for an everyday office or an off ride bike for a road journey. Even if you have the fastest motorcycle in the world, it wouldn’t be convenient enough for you to drive it daily and vice versa. In such situations you need to understand the basic meaning and the type that suits well for your personality and benefits that you would get from it. Hence, if you’re ready, then let’s get started with 5 different types of motor bikes.


  • Cruisers are designed for a laid-back riding.  
  • It was styled after the American machines from the 1930s to the 1960s.
  • For e.g. the Harley-Davidsons can be defined as the bike from the cruiser category.
  • The riding position on this bike constitutes of keeping your feet forward and the hands little higher.
  • It can be said that cruisers are more comfortable than the others, but only for shorter durations. Instead for everyday use, it can be good for weekend riding.  


  • Chopper is another type of cruiser, but it is more of a cut down version of the cruiser.
  • These are custom projects that mean you can have this bike modified the way how you want it to be or how you would like it to look in reality.
  • It is mostly a source of pride and accomplishment. Hence, it can be said that this bike is not convenient for everyday use.

Dual Sport (Also known as Dual Purpose or On/Off-road Motorcycles):

  • Dual sports are the type of motorbikes that you can enter in both the off-road and on-road situations.
  • This bike serves as a dual function that means you can take this bike to anywhere and everywhere.  
  • They have the road features of a light and horn and off road features of a suspension and knobby off-road tires.
  • This bike has higher seat level and usually have a limited storage options which you can change with your dealer. 

Sport Touring:

  • The name itself tells about the type of this bike i.e. having attributes of both sport and touring bikes in one motorbike.
  • These bikes are taller in seats compared to the touring bikes and has a better storage capacity than that of a sport bike.
  • Usually the engine sizes of this bikes are in the mid range. 


  • This type of bike is convenient for your everyday ride and has a simple design that is well suited for all purposes.
  • It has variations from 125cc up to 1,000cc.
  • The seats are usually shorter or in a middle range that is good for beginners to even experienced riders. 
  • The footpegs are below the rider and the handlebars are placed in a position from which you don’t have to lean forward. Just an upright riding position is good for this type of motorbikes. 

So, these were the 5 different types of motorbikes that you can choose according to your liking and pass on the knowledge to your families and peers as well. Plus with this article, if you would like to know some information about some of the most expensive bikes in general, then head over to the 5 most expensive bikes in the world article. 

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