Top 4 Sports Bikes In The World!

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There is something about sports bikes in general that simply allows you to have a biker look instantly and effortlessly. Plus, If it is a sports bike, then for sure it will give you the speed and smooth ride in no minute.

Also, if one of the main priorities of yours is speed in a bike and the ability of overtaking others in a most exciting manner with no compromises for the comfort or practicality then a sports bike is the major hit for you. Hence, if sports bike is your choice and a number 1 priority, then this list of the top sport bikes in the market will not let you down by any means.

Ducati Panigale V4S:

What good things can you say about this bike if not its super inspiring body and the highly mind-blowing specs. With a power that vaunts to 220 bph and V-Twin engine that makes 211 bhp at 13,000 rotation per minute, you have a beast that can storm the whole track by one lap. This ain’t a bike for a faint hearted, but a bike that can only be handled by bikers who would love to crash the track they be racing on. 

BMW S1000RR:

A brilliant piece of awesomeness when gets wrapped up in a specs tub, it makes a piece called BMW S1000RR. With features that can blow your mind and engine that can still your situation is a sports bike specifically designed for all the hungry bikers out there. This bike is powered by a 999 cc four-cylinder engine redlined at 14,200 rotation per minute and has a standard anti-lock braking system with an optional electronic traction control system.    

KTM RC 390:

Are you ready for a race? If not, then simply get inspired by this sports bike as how I am getting right now, as I’m writing it. Hence, the rawest, purest and the most sporty focused bike KTM RC 390 is your sports bike for A2-compliant sportster of all time. This bike is simple, lightweight and fabulous to ride on. 

Kawasaki ZX-10R SE:

With the addition of a whole new Showa developed electronic suspension system, you get a bike worth the time and money. This bike adapts to all riding conditions, provided with the ideal amount of damping that adjusts electronically to suit the bike’s suspension stroke and speed that can suit either the track riding or road. Also with the feature of bi-directional quickshifter you will get a smooth and impeccable up and down shifts in this bike.  

From all the types of motorbikes in the world, if you prefer sport bikes then this list is the one, but if you’re more of a guy who likes a good dual sport motorcycle then you can check out the next blog article. Pretty sure that article will be good enough for all those dual sport motorcycle lovers.

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