Top 5 Most Expensive Bikes In the World!

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For some people bike is just a vehicle that helps with the travelling process, but for some people bikes are their desire, dream and fantasy. The feeling of having an expensive piece of beauty in your garage is beyond anything and everything. Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old everyone of us has an obsession over a car or a bike. Whether you like riding on a bike or not, it is pretty sure that you can’t hide away the feeling of wanting one. Therefore, in order to make your feelings extra dreamy here is a list of 5 most expensive bikes in the world.

1. Ecosse ES1 Superbike:

Priced at a whopping $3.6 million, Ecosse ES1 Superbike is the number 1 bike that is known to be the most expensive bike in the market today. This bike has very unique frameless chassis that makes it extra different and at the top of other expensive Superbikes. Powered by a modified  IL4 engine, this bike is capable of  reaching a speed of 250 miles per hour. Also the best thing about this bike is that it can be customized according to their buyers.

2. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship:

The Harley Davidson bikes usually get an immense level of popularity. It is a bike brand that almost every bike enthusiast craves for and wants to take a ride on. But apart from other ranges of the brand, the more expensive Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship is one such piece of literal art that almost no one can take their eyes off.

Priced at $1.5 million, this bike has a handcrafted artwork from the very famous artist Jack Armstrong, whose painting alone gets sold around $300,000 to $3 million each.

3. Ultra Rare Porcupine:

Developed in World War II, Ultra Rare Porcupine is a rare and an antique piece that now has been kept for sale at a price of $760,000. Only the people who have a love for antique pieces or likes to keep history in their backyard can think of getting this in their home. Otherwise, this bike is a living beauty that you just want to look at it and not touch it.

4. Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper:

Also known as the Gold Plated Custom Chopper, this bike has a body that can please any human beings heart. The body of this bike is uniquely built, it has gold platings which make this bike at par with the other expensive bikes in the world.

In this bike, the fuel tank is divided into two parts, one is for electronics and the other one is for petrol. The owners of this bike can easily select their gears with the help of rotating the left hand grip.

5. The Legendary British Vintage Black:

Built in September 1948, this bike gives off a look of an exotic and most legendary piece in the world. This bike is powered by 998 cc V-twin engine and has a top speed of going 240 km/h. One of the great features of this bike apart from its astonishing design is the fact that it has an air cooling system installed in the engine that help in improving the performance while racing.

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