Top Three Best Mileage Motorcycle For Amazing Ride!

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People travel to work with their own vehicle or through a mode of public transport. Sometimes people want a bike so that they don’t have to worry about public transport and their timings. Now, public transport is good but sometimes it just becomes a way too expensive than any other bike that gives good mileage. A bike that has the best mileage makes your travelling easy and very affordable. You can go anywhere without having the fear to wait for your Uber driver or to give charges that probably cost more than a day of petrol. So, if you want to know what are the top three best mileage motorcycle, then keep on reading.

TVS Sport: Specification:

TVS Sport is one of the best mileage motorcycles that use 99.7 cc motor and delivers a power output of 7.5 Nm of torque and 7.4 PS. This bike is available in three variants and comes in four colour options which are black-green, black-red, blue-black and red. This bike is priced at INR 40,100 in the ex-showroom of Delhi.


Mileage is 95 km/l
Maximum Torque is 7.5 Nm
Maximum Power is 7.4 PS
Engine Capacity is 99.7 cc

Bajaj Platina:

Bajaj Platina is another best mileage motorcycle that uses a 102 cc DTS-i engine and creates an 8.63 Nm of torque and 8.1 hp of power. This bike comes in three colours which are blue, red and black. Bajaj Platina prices start at INR 47,789 in the ex-showroom of Delhi.


Mileage is 96.6 km/l
Maximum Torque is 8.63 Nm
Maximum Power is 8.1 hp
Engine Capacity is 102 cc

Hero Splendor Plus:

Hero Splendor Plus is one of the largest selling and best mileage motorcycles from the Hero brand. This bike generates an 8 Nm of torque and of 8.2 hp of power. This bike comes in a wide range of colours. The price of the bike starts at INR 52,760.


Mileage is 81 km/l
Maximum Torque is 8 Nm
Maximum Power is 8.2 hp
Engine Capacity is 97 cc

Therefore, these are the top three best mileage motorcycle that can be helpful for the rides to different places. With these mileage bikes, if you would like to know more about the top 4 dual sport motorcycle for the best experience or top 4 off-road motorcycles for best adventure then hop on to the next articles.

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